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NOTO 能登ヒバ キューブ プチ アルミ缶入り Japanese Hiba wood cube diffuser




リセット :★★☆☆☆

・内容量 :14g
・サイズ  :直径 約5.2cm 高さ約2.3cm
・原産国 :日本、石川県能登産
・持ち運び :フタを閉めればどこにでも持ち運び可能です



This is a 100% natural aroma diffuser made by processing Noto Hiba into a cube. It is characterized by being environmentally friendly as it utilizes the scraps that can be processed during construction. Aluminum cans have excellent light-shielding and storage properties and are easy to carry. If you put a cube in a closed space, a gentle scent of Hiba will drift without using electricity or heat.

The fragrance will weaken after a while, so it is a great merit that you can enjoy the fragrance again by dropping essential oil such as Noto hiba and cypress.

[How to enjoy the recommended scent]
・If you want to concentrate, just sniff
・Drop woody essential oil
-Bring it to a place where you want to relax, such as at work, on a trip, or in a car

Energy: ★★★☆☆
Relax: ★★★★★
Reset: ★★☆☆☆

・Contents: 14g
・Size: Diameter about 5.2cm Height about 2.3cm
・Country of origin: Japan, Ishikawa Prefecture Noto
・Portable: You can carry anywhere by closing the lid.
・Expiration date: Unopened and stored at room temperature for 6 to 12 months. After opening, keep the lid closed when not in use as much as possible.
・Delivery method: Mail possible (non-standard size mail or click post)

[About Hiba Cube]
Hiba's cube is a log processed at a stretch. .. As a result, the patterns and shapes vary, and due to the grain of the wood, some parts may be chipped. Please note that this is a natural material. It does not affect the scent. Also, if left for a long time, the essential oil and resin inside the hiba may seep out to the surface. Avoid leaving it on white materials or valuables.
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